Positive Change. Positive Impact. 

Hi! I'm Emma Jones, a parent to two students in the Gardner-Edgerton district and an advocate for public education. I believe we need positive change in our district to help our district scores, teacher retention, and every student thrive. I believe making changes to improve our special education and supporting our educator staff can help every student succeed in our district. Working together to connect parents, teachers and students will have a positive impact on all of our students education. In this website you will get a chance to learn about me and my background, my goals for the future of the district, and how you can help us get there. 


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Meet Emma

My journey to having a passion about public education began with my own children entering school with Individualized Education Plans. I got to experience special education from a parent stand-point and see how tirelessly our teachers work to support our students. I began attending and speaking at District Board Meetings as a parent and have been an active participant and advocate for public education for 3 years now. 

I have lived in Johnson County most of my life and moved to Edgerton 10 years ago. My decade long career as a local hairstylist has given me a true love of serving people and working with children. I volunteer at local non-profits when I'm not hard at work, to improve and bring together our local community. 

I take pride and joy in staying busy, both working for Gardner-Edgerton's community and at home. My husband and I are both very community-oriented and truly love giving back in whatever way possible. We are also incredibly passionate about gardening and homesteading. We grow the majority of the vegetables we eat and we even have 6 laying hens, aptly named after Kansas City Chiefs players, most importantly our MVP (Most Valuable Poultry) PatChick Mahomes. We often share and trade eggs and vegetables with the neighbors on our street and love being able to feed our friends. 

Anyone who closely knows my family will tell you that I work incredibly hard for the things I'm passionate about, and I never shy away when things get tough. I'm direct in my conversations and I enjoy learning and discussing hard topics so that I can increase my own understanding from every perspective. I have never stopped learning, or stopped loving learning. I am a voracious reader and can often be found with my children at our local library. 

As a candidate for the USD231 Board of Education I'm excited for the opportunity to serve in a different capacity and be involved in helping all students succeed in our district.

My Goals for Gardner-Edgerton

During my time being an active parent and speaker at the school board I have slowly seen a degradation of the trust between many parents and their child's public school. The relationship between parents and teachers is the foundation our schools operate on! I have already spoken and tried to effect change on the local level between parents and teachers and I'd love to grow and nurture these relationships in our district. I truly believe having quality teachers and school staff is the beginning of giving every child a quality education. 

As a parent of a child who began school with an Individual Education Plan I have a unique insight into our district's Special Education Department. My experience with special education in our district has taught me we need to hire and support quality staff now, more than ever, to support every student. Our teachers work tirelessly to ensure the needs of every student are met, and I will work just as tirelessly to empower and support our parents and teachers. My goal is to give our students the best resources for success. 


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International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 124

Teamsters Local 541

AFL-CIO United Labor Unions

Run For Something

Johnson County Democratic Women

Mainstream Coalition

Mid-America Carpenters Union

Game On for Kansas Schools

Greater Kansas City Women's Political Caucus


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